Günter Weiss

E-Gitarre, Akustikgitarre, Komposition, Gitarrenunterricht - Stuttgart

18 Pieces For Acoustic Guitar

This project is also about acoustic guitar music and covers a lot of styles and moods.
Some people experienced that this music helps to relax and even to fall asleep.
I am still in negotiation with the pharmaceutical industry.
Finally I’d like to quote Jürgen Klopp: „Enjoy“.

All titles composed, arranged and performed, by Günter Weiss, except:
„Saudade In S“ – 2nd guitar arranged and performed by Boris Kischkat
„Relax G“ – Co-Composer: Gerald Christ
„Stille Nacht“ Franz Gruber (Music) and Joseph Mohr (Lyrics)

Recording: Heiko Schulz June, 6-7 2001 (Renningen, Germany)
Cover Design: Gerald Christ
Produced by Günter Weiss
Co-Producer: Hubl Greiner

mp3 Downloads:

TABs / Transcriptions:
1. Du Schöne Au, Du Holder See
2. Pausenmusik Nr.9
3. Phil Anthropos
4. Zimmer mit Aussicht
5. Sensitive Seattle Steam Waltz